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12 Players - 30 Hours
2 Tribes - 1 Island

Have you ever wished you could be on an island playing SURVIVOR just like you have seen on TV?


Ever wanted to prove you could do those fun yet difficult looking challenges better than anyone else?

Want to prove that YOU can play an equally impressive social & physical game to be the last one standing?

Now you can! 

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River Island Adventures is now accepting bookings to play our Survive River Island challenge that will take place on a 48 acre private island located 0n the Waccamaw River just outside North Myrtle Beach, SC.

It will be a 30 hour adventure with 12 players divided into 2 tribes living on opposite sides of the island. Each tribe will compete in SURVIVOR-style challenges with the losing tribe forced to go to Tribal Council to vote each other off every few hours. The experience will start at 9 am and end before 3 pm the following day. The first 5 players voted off the island will have the option to leave or camp at our Outpost and then watch the FInal Tribal Council. The final 7 players will be part of the jury and will spend the night on the island and then vote for the winner of the game.

Dates To Choose From:

June 19 - 20

July 10 - 11

July 31 - August 1

August 14 - 15

September 1 - 2

Cost: $150 per player

The winner will receive a $600 Glamping Getaway Gift Certificate for a weekend stay in our 2 bedroom Treehouse on our 48 acre Island plus other fun prizes.

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Survive River Island Rules & Information

- All participants must be at least 18 years old with a valid ID.
- Participants will be dropped off on a secluded area of a private 48 acre island in the middle of the Waccamaw River and divided into tribes to compete against each other to remain on the island.

- The first 5 participants voted off the island will have the option to leave the property or spend the night in one of our Glamping Tents at our Outpost with the opportunity to return to the island to watch the Final Tribal Council.

- The final 7 participants will spend the night on the island as a merged tribe and be a part of the jury to vote at the Final Tribal Council for the winner of Survive River Island. *River Island Adventures reserves the right to change the total number of participants/ number of participants on the jury / number of participants voted off on the first day to ensure the integrity of the game based on unforeseen variables. 
- No cell phones or electronic devices are allowed.

- Drinking water is provided throughout the challenge.

- Tribes can work together to build a shelter.

- Participants will have the opportunity to earn food rewards by winning challenges and at the merge feast. Food will also be provided to the participants that have been voted off. 
- Each participant must pay $150 in advance to participate. The participant that gains the most votes from the jury at the Final Tribal Council will win a River Island $600 Treehouse Glamping Getaway plus other prizes to be announced.
- A participant can choose to be removed from the island at any point and family/friends can contact the River Island phone number in case of an emergency if the Participant needs to leave.
- River Island Adventures reserves the sole right to determine who may or may not participate in the challenge.
- Each participant must submit a signed waiver of liability and a video statement acknowledging the inherent risks of this activity which includes but not limited to: no provided shelter, potential weather related incidents (heat, rain, lightning, freezing temperatures),potential threats from wildlife, insect bites and stings, scrapes, scratches, cuts and bruises, etc.

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