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Frequently Asked Questions

~ Are there alligators in the river?
By far our most popular question and the answer is...yes. Alligators do live in the river but they are rarely seen on the upper part of the Waccamaw River where our Outpost and River Island is located. In contrast alligators are frequently seen on the lower part of the Waccamaw River south of Conway where you will find much more people enjoying the water: swimming, water skiing or simply floating by their boat where the river is much wider, straighter and slower moving water.

~ Why is the water that color? 

The Waccamaw River is a black river with the water resembling the color of sweet tea due to the
tannin that leaches out of the cypress trees and the decomposing tree matter.
 While the water is dark it is not "dirty" as the City of Myrtle Beach uses the Waccamaw River for the areas tap water.

~ What should I wear?

We suggest wearing closed toed shoes (water shoes or old pair of sneakers) and a swimsuit. You will probably get wet, sweaty and dirty...and you will love it! Your feet will almost certainly get wet on all of our adventures and you will need sturdy footwear for walking around the Outpost and River Island. 

~ What wildlife will we see?

Each tour is different and unique since nature is so unpredictable; as well as different times of the year and seasons brings out various wildlife. But we typically see turtles, fish, non-venomous water snakes, squirrels, cranes, herons, kites, egrets, pileated woodpeckers, baby toads, dragon flies and lizards. Other animals that are a possibility but rarely seen include: deer, bald eagle, wild hogs, river otter, muskrat, beaver, alligator and black bear.

~ What should we bring?

We would suggest bringing bug spray, suntan lotion, towel, sunglasses, clean/dry set of clothes, hat and a cooler of food and/or drinks to enjoy at our riverside Outpost before or after your tour. We have a propane grill and several picnic tables available for everyone to use. Our River Island Store has a limited selection of food (pre-packaged sandwiches, chips, snacks, ice cream, drinks) merchandise and supplies (sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, etc) available for purchase. We also have inflatable floating coolers and waterproof blue tooth speakers available for rent.

~ Can I bring my dog?

Friendly dogs with no bite history are allowed at your wooded or field campsite and at the boat ramp while being loaded/unloaded in kayaks. Dogs must always be on a leash and their solid waste be disposed of properly. Unfortunately dogs are NOT allowed in our glamping tents or at our Outpost facility other than the boat ramp for loading or unloading.  

~ What if it is raining?

Our tours, activities and events will take place rain or shine as scheduled. We are unable to offer any refunds but if you choose to cancel your reservation prior to the start of an activity, tour or event we will give you a gift certificate for the amount you paid that can be used in the future. Once an activity, tour or event has started we will stop it in the case of a safety concern (lightning, heat concerns, etc) and issue a refund or gift certificate.

~ Can we swim in the river?

Most of our guests enjoy a nice dip in the river to cool off during the hot summer days. We do not discourage nor encourage you from swimming in the river but if you choose to swim in the river it will be at your own risk with no lifeguard or supervision. We do require all participants to wear foot protection and one of our provided life jackets during all water activities.

~ Do you offer a group rate?
Yes we offer a discounted rate for our Day Pass and Guided Kayak Tours based on the number in your group. Simply input the number of people in your group when making a reservation and your discounted amount will automatically be applied. Discounted rates start at 10 guests.
To receive a group rate the entire group must be on one reservation and paid together on the same invoice, no exceptions.

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